EY Report

The resulting study commissioned by ACA International gives estimates of key metrics that provide an overview of the third-party debt collection industry in the United States. GAINS Equity Management, LLC is an organization committed to providing the benefits of the commercial and consumer accounts receivable market (ARM) to our members.

The U.S. economy is built on the premise that those who provide credit, goods and services have the expectation of being repaid.Recovery of consumer debt by third-party debt collectors on behalf of America’s public, private and nonprofit sectors has significant effects on our nation’s economic health.Third-party debt collectors are engaged in their local communities as valued civic leaders, employers, volunteers, philanthropists and taxpayers.To measure the annual impacts of third-party debt collection on the national and state economies, ACA International commissioned global advisory firm Ernst & Young to conduct a survey in the fall of 2011.


Our Commitment

GAINS Equity Management, LLC is an organization committed to providing the benefits of the commercial and consumer accounts receivable market (ARM) to our members.

We provide individuals with the opportunity to participate in commercial and consumer accounts receivable portfolios that will be purchased at a deep discount and then collected on using a multifaceted recovery approach.

We have aligned with Collins Asset Group, a pioneer and recognized market leader in the ARM industry. This exclusive relationship creates an unprecedented opportunity for our members.

Vision Mission & Values

Mission - To bring the value of the Accounts Receivable Market to individuals by providing exceptional financial solutions that create benefits at all levels where everyone GAINS!

Vision - Our communities and national economy will be positively impacted through the delivery of superior financial solutions that create wealth for those in a position to participate and enable a fresh start for those who need one.

Values - Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Sustainability, Everyone GAINS!

We're passionate about bringing quality products to our clients!

Executive Team

Brad HiltonBrad Hilton–PRESIDENT

Brad Hilton, President, GAINS. Brad is a business leader and philanthropist. Following in the tradition of his Grandfather Conrad, Brad is drawn to entrepreneurial opportunity.

During his tenure with Hilton Hotels Corporation as an executive, Brad managed the company’s Information Technology group. Brad spearheaded an initiative that led to increased revenues through corporate solicitations that had an impact on Hilton’s bottom line, taking it from $700 million to over $1.2 billion dollars in less than a year. Hilton Hotels was sold to Blackstone Group in 2007 for $26 Billion and Brad ventured out on his own to form a successful technology-consulting firm, eCorridor.

In 2010 Brad co-founded GAINS, LLC. Brad lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and three children. Upon the sale of Hilton Hotels the vast majority of his family’s wealth transferred to the Hilton Foundation, making it one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world. Brad remains very active in the Hilton Foundation, which was established by Conrad Hilton and remains dedicated to ending hunger and homelessness globally. (www.hiltonfoundation.org)

Arlene PfeiffArlene Pfeiff - CEO

Arlene Pfeiff has been a successful leader in the corporate financial services and non-profit sectors for over 25 years. Before co-founding GAINS, LLC Arlene spent three years providing direction to multiple organizations in the Greater Phoenix community, all working to end homelessness. Prior to her leadership in the non-profit sector, Arlene spent 10 years in her role as Vice President for American Express, leading several different global organizations. Her extensive background leading the American Express world class customer service and accounts receivable centers throughout North America has prepared her well for the leadership role she fulfills as the CEO.

Among other successes, as Vice President of American Express’s Global Reengineering organization she led an internationally dispersed team to exceed a target to deliver more than $200 million dollars in savings to the bottom line two years in a row. Arlene was known at American Express for being a highly successful principal of change and results driver while maintaining consistently high levels of employee satisfaction.

In addition to her enthusiasm for leadership, Arlene is ardent about her role in support of building healthy, sustainable communities and is deeply involved in her local Phoenix community. An extensive interview that discusses her vision for transforming homelessness is available in the recently published book “Homeless Heroes: Understanding the Soul of Home” by Mike Tapscott (2013). Outside the office, Arlene’s greatest passion is that of being a present and loving mother for her daughter. Arlene is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner whose recommendation was published in the book "At the Heart of Leadership: How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence" by Josh Freedman (2007). Arlene holds a Masters Degree in International Management.

George RoundyGeorge Roundy - CFO

Before becoming the President and CFO of GAINS, LLC, George Roundy was a founding partner and the CEO of eCorridor, a successful Information Technology company located in Phoenix, Arizona. This company successfully weathered the economic downturns brought on by 9/11 as well as the recession of 2008. With George’s visionary, leadership and advanced systems design skills he was able to lead his company to further accomplishments, including creating and implementing a series of advanced systems still in place today within the Arizona law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. This first of its kind, statewide integrated solution ties city, state and county agencies together to streamline the arrest, booking and disposition processes and has saved millions in tax payer dollars.

George leveraged his leadership skills and knowledge of community related issues to found several nonprofit organizations including The Arizona Organizing Project and Phoenix Youth at Risk, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

George Roundy, husband, father of two and grandfather of three, was awarded the 2008 Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Arizona Interfaith Movement through his work with the global Hunger Project.

George is a Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership International, has an Associate of Arts degree in Computer Information Systems.


Collins logo

Walt Collins, the CEO of Collins Asset Group pioneer and shape the market over the last 20 years. Walt was a founding member of the industry’s most influential organizing body, RMA International (Receivables Management Association) (https://rmassociation.org/, served several years on the Board of Trustees, two (2) years as its President and he is currently a member of the Ethics Committee. Most importantly, Walt knows what it takes to create substantial value in the accounts receivable marketplace as evidenced by his successful founding and developing one of the largest privately held debt buying companies in the U.S.A and ultimately its profitable sale to a private equity firm in 2006. With his non-compete now expired, Walt has created another opportunity with Collins Asset Group for clients to benefit from his re-entrance into the space.

Collins Asset Group utilizes the most advanced set of proprietary technology based tools in existence to harvest optimal value from the assets purchased. Collins Asset Group strategic positioning in this market has the company well positioned to benefit from the changing regulatory landscape as less prepared players fall by the wayside.

Additionally, Collins Asset Group employ experienced in house legal counsel and offers clients an option to manage incoming funds in escrow through a retained law firm. The company has a strong connection to the lobbying arm of the industry and is fully licensed and compliant with all federal, state and local regulations and adheres to the industry business practices standards as promulgated by RMA International, Inc.